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Conmen band profile

Conmen band profileThe Conmen were first formed about 12 years ago with Trevor Harris on lead guitar, Huw Alderman rhythm guitar and vocals, then Dean McGaveston joined on drums, shortly followed by Pete Wood on bass, then Bruce Stott came in with his Harp, followed closely by Amy Lee Gorlicki on Sax to complete the brass section. There have been a few changes with Barry Stirling, Maciek Hrybowicz, then Jingyu Zhang playing lead guitar, and over time, Dean, Pete, Barry and finally Bruce leaving, resulting in the star line up of Marty Haughie on drums, Trevor Harris on bass, Amy on sax and keyboards, Derek Hartley (aka Deek) lead/rhythm guitar and backing vocals (BV’s), Dave Wilkinson on lead guitar and BV’s with Huw Alderman (current band-leader) doing the singing out front plus a bit of harp and rhythm guitar.

As Huw says “it’s been a long and rewarding venture to get to this point with having such an encouraging group of talent. In fact, I must say, I’ve been encouraged by Trev to stop singing, Dave to stop playing guitar, and everyone to stop playing harp!!!” says Huw… “I love playing with these guys. We have a lot of fun at rehearsals and always do our best to put on a good show, with the wide and weird range of music, that, to be fair, generally I choose.”