Forthcoming AGM Planned Thursday 13 May 2021

HBS AGM2021 notice posterIt is with sadness that I report Huw Alderman will be leaving us this AGM, resigning from his roles as a Committee member, and Events Manager.  This is extremely unfortunate but it does extend opportunities to others within the Society to step up and contribute, to take Hamilton Blues Society forward for the future.

There will be five (5) positions for Committee members and one Executive Officer (in the role of Secretary) open at the AGM.  As Secretary you will be expected to establish and maintain contact with kindred Blues Societies/Clubs throughout NZ (especially those close to the Waikato), and promote the Blues wherever possible.  The Secretarial position has a two-year tenure.  The remaining Committee positions are for one (1) year only, renewed every AGM.

Nominations by email are permitted and must be received at not later than Monday 19 April 2021. When you nominate somebody, they must acknowledge that they accept the nomination and make sure we (HBS) know they are aware they have been nominated. And they must be seconded.

Once all the nominations have been received, details will be sent to members ahead of the AGM for election on the night.  According to the Constitution, members must receive information 21 days in advance of the AGM.  Since the first opportunity for an AGM Is Thursday Blues Night 13 May, 21 days advance notification corresponds to the 22 April 2021.  Both nominees, sponsors and seconders must all be financial members of the Hamilton Blues Society.

Thank you

Dean McGaveston
Chair Hamilton Blues Society NZ Inc

Hamilton Blues Society meeting at Diggers BarFor just over 20 years local Kiwi musicians have been performing the blues live in Hamilton on the second Thursday of the month. We welcome new-comers to the monthly Blues Nights at Biddy Mulligan's Irish Pub in 17B Hood Street – kick off is typically 7:30pm.

You are welcome to pop in and check the scene out. Please feel free to sign up for regular updates and our bimonthly newsletter because there is much more bluesy stuff happening than just the monthly Blues Nights. We have regular Blues Showcases on the fifth Thursday of the month, as well as feature nights such as Ladies Sing The Blues in Hamilton. And the fourth Sunday of the month is a featured Blues Afternoon.

We are also affiliated with other blues societies and clubs in the vicinity viz: Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua, and have had regular involvement in the Easter Tauranga Jazz/Blues Festival each year until 2019.

To find out more please check out the About Us.

Our two distant HBS members, Sonke Dwenger and Wiebke Reißig-Dwenger, created this wonderful little introduction to Hamilton Blues Society Blues Nights.  Watch, and enjoy, leave feedback, contact HBS if you would like additional information.
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