HBS at Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival (HGAF) – Two Nights

Thursday 21 February between 5pm and 7pm two HBS bands perform at the Hamilton Gardens Hub stage in Hamilton East, by Turtle Lake: 5pm:  Conmen 6pm:  Out Of The Blues And then repeated on Wednesday 21 February between 5pm and 7pm with another two HBS bands performing at the Hamilton Gardens Hub Stage in Hamilton East, by Turtle Lake. 5pm:  the Black Sheep 6pm:  Shotgun Both nights are free entry, all part of the Arts Festival.

HBS Christmas Blues Night, 13 December

The last HBS event for 2018 so make something of it. Poster above – please have a good look.  That same poster appears on the HBS FaceBook page so check that also. Biddy’s website has a slightly different poster. A fun-filled evening of raffles, prizes and awards, the night will be busy, humming – so busy that HBS is trialing Derek’s proposal to better control the Whiteboard (see below).  We will unveil Jake and Elwood (what? who?) as a surprise for everyone. HBS Members must have a valid membership card to qualify for drink discounts, food, and prizes.  Check that you have your cards and if you haven’t let Dean know you need one available at the door on the night. Remember, membership is only $10. “I heard it was a dress up affair?”  Yes, come in dress, as an elf, one of Santa’s workers, gnomes (so if you collapse in someone’s front yard on the way home you won’t be out of place), maybe your favourite rock star, etc – just dress up – come along –  have fun.  Come incognito even! As usual Gold Coin in the hat at the door. Acts Must Book Christmas Blues Night Performances All acts will get the opportunity to play 2 songs (yes TWO) and one of them should be a Christmas song (Christmassy song).  BUT, in order to get on the board bandleaders must contact Derek to book a slot no later than 10 December – all bandleaders will be remindedContinue readingHBS Christmas Blues Night, 13 December

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