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Shotgun Band, formerly Shotgun Hill, grew from an amalgamation of musicians from HBS ensembles Sandpit and Tin Shed, into a working band, Shotgun. Bandleader Neil Ransfield has been instrumental in bringing together a selection of HBS musicians over a period of time to create a four-piece band with a strong blues influence.

Neil provides vocals, harmonica, and percussion where required, Chris Dunn delivers on lead guitar and vocals, Garry Phillips vocals and bass, with Dean McGaveston on drums. All vocalists provide backing vocals in support of one another.

The blues style is very much electric blues leaning strongly towards British blues. Other influences include Los Lobos, Bondi Cigars, Red Devils, Clapton, Hendrix, Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac), Santana, Jeff Beck, and others, such as John Mayall.

From the audience point of view, a dynamic representation of the blues genre, with a diverse splattering of classic and modern blues numbers.