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Golden Mic Songwriter’s Competition – 2021

Golden Mic Songwriter's Competition 2021

Submit your entry to Huw Alderman, HBS Event Manager at

Simplifying the entry process as much as possible, you can enter an mp3 or mp4 recorded on your phone if you wish (preferred method and media).

Fully studio productions are equally acceptable so long as they are submitted as mp3 or mp4.

Genre: blues.  What does this mean? Your song can be Texas, Delta, Mississippi, Chicago, British, even Country blues – even Kiwi blues – but it must be BLUES.

Enter as many times as you wish with different songs you have written.

All entries will be acknowledged.

We will not however, be checking for plagiarism or sampling time – so if the phrasing is sampled, the melody plagiarised, or copied, responsibility for that sits squarely on the songwriter’s shoulders.

Five judges will evaluate and judge you creation – and of course – the chances are that those musicians may also submit a song (or two).  Any judge assessing his own material must refrain from voting.  The judges decision is final.

When submitting you song please provide a brief biographical description of yourself.  This may be used in the final round and for advertising and promotional purposes.

Waiver  or  Release:  If your material has been published, released through a publishing house, or the lyrics have been registered, we need your signed consent to share your work as described below.

Winning:  There will be four levels of attainment, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Aluminium which receive recognition.  The Gold position (winner) has their name engraved on the coveted Golden Mic trophy.  All four will receive a certificate of accomplishment.

Media  Coverage All place-holders will have their pictures and award recorded in Facebook and on our website.  If opposed to this media exposure you must voice you objection when submitting your song.

Ultimate  Prize:  The top songs will be sent to our Sister Society in Ontario, Canada where they will be given air-time, and may be a story in the local rag.  You may be asked for a radio interview as well.  Make sure your contact details are current and correct (don’t assume we have correct details on record).